Monday, October 12, 2009

Random thoughts

*I wish my kid would sleep...Ally has slept HORRIBLE since she has had her tonsils out
*I hope both of my kids stay in their own beds tonight...Lanie wet the bed and incidentally peed all over me last night, ugh.
*Why is my computer taking so long to back up?
*I'm heading to Kid's Hope training to be a mentor for a child at Warner. I pray that I am a good mentor.
*I miss my family in Texas...alot.
*Ally has the best teacher in the world
*My computer is done backing up, I'm out:)

I'm missed?

Who knew that anyone read my blog on a daily basis or when I stopped writing that they would actually miss me? My uncle let me know this weekend that he was bummed I quit blogging. He actually liked reading my posts it let him know what I was up to an what the girls were into. My lack of internet at home right now doesn't help but I'm going to make an effort...try to blog a little more regularly and jump off of facebook which is where my blog time went.

Uncle Danny this is for you:) But if you really want to keep up with me and a good portion of the fam, we need to on facebook.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life As We Know It

So they are making a movie called Life as we know it. I'm a little nervous that people will stumble across my blog while searching it out and wonder why someone so boring would steal the name of the movie, which will be starring Jennifer Aniston. I would just like those people to know. I had my blog first boring or not!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disgusting and Despicable

Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna
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Will They Stay Together?

This is an actual advertisement on the sidebar of a site I was on today...This makes me sick, it should be illegal for them to post. The SAD thing is how many people are actually going to vote? I wish I knew which site it was so I never end up there again but when I came to blogger it was gone.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

In my head...

Sandals on a 0 degree day, seriously I saw it this morning. Really? sandals, ridiculous.

I am a positive person most of the time, we all have our days but seriously if you are having a bad day do you HAVE to take it out on the rest of the world.

Why couldn't I have been born with the skinny gene?

I made toffee crack (probably why I wish I was born with the skinny gene) it is sooo good, you can find the recipe on this blog that references another great blog.

My heart breaks every time someone calls my office with a toothache and no money to have it taken care of. This morning I spoke to someone that cried when I told them we didn't take medicaid, my eyes welled up also as I gave her the number to the only place I thought may be able to help her but they are so busy chances are it won't be any time today. I would love to work on health care reform and I don't have 150,000 in unpaid taxes in my past (Daschle) you think Obama would hire me, I wish.

I LOVE that Obama is looking to put a salary cap on companies that the govt bails out. It think it is RIDICULOUS that execs with poor performance continue to get over the top salaries with over the top bonuses. If your company is doing well and you don't need a federal bail out then yes you deserve the millions!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


If you have a facebook account you have been tagged, probably numerous times, for the 25 random things note, you may not want to do it but I love reading new facts about people. Here is my blogger version but I'm only going to do 10.
1. I have a couple addictions including facebook, food, my ipod touch and tv. I have actually decided to breakdown and get dvr to try to condense tv watching without commercials. What occupies my time?
Monday - The Bachelor and then I got sucked into True Beauty (stupid but I'm hooked)
Tuesday - The Biggest Loser and I can't think but I know there is something
Wednesday - LOST and of course they always have to recap the previous week LOST
Thursday - Ugly Betty, Grey's
Friday and Saturday - Nothing, I know hard to believe...another reason we think dvr will be good maybe we can watch some of the above shows on those nights when we are struggling to find something on our 200+ channels, it is amazing that you can even say "there is nothing on" these days.
Sunday - Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Dexter but it is on hiatus and Trent wants to watch the Unit, which I also enjoy
So you see I watch WAY to much tv, and these are only the shows that I watch on a regular basis embarrassing but I can always have on the weather channel, yes I will sit and watch it, the food network, mtv, vh1 and E. WOW, I have a lot of hours in the evenings that I could be way more productive, I feel a bit embarrassed and am half tempted to delete everything I just typed!
2. Ally is doing very well at school and is no longer needing assistance with reading. We are so proud of her:)
3. Lanie has the biggest crush on a little boy at school. She told me that they had a conversation about how when they get to be older boys can be boyfriends and girls can be girlfriends, then she just smiled really big
4. Trent is on the hunt for a new job, if you hear of anything please let us know
5. Ally takes ballet and tap/jazz, she loves to dance and is super flexible. She can do the splits 3 different ways and often times when we are talking she will just kick her leg up on to the counter or wall, I don't even thinks she realizes that she is doing it.
6. We went to the Jonas Brothers concert a couple weeks ago compliments of my friend Amy. We had the BEST time and if you have an opportunity to see those cuties in concert I would highly recommend it, it was a great show. Lanie was a bit confused on why we couldn't go down and talk to them.
7. I HATE SNOW! I'm just so sick of the cold. I can't wait to get my flip flops out.
8. I have been feeling really motivated to eat better and exercise. Until I am tempted with something better, I'm a work in progress!
9. My sister in law (Travis' wife for those who know us) is going to have a baby boy any day now, I pray for them daily that she will have a healthy baby and a comfortable delivery, she has been in and out of the hospital with various pregnancy issues but things are ok. I also pray the transition from one child to two will also be smooth.
10. We went over to some friends house for the superbowl and had a great time. There is nothing better than a good laugh with good friends.

AND...thanks for you encouraging comments about Ally, it is sometimes so hard to know the right thing to say to your kids.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mom..."I'm fat"

Ally said this to me last night and my heart broke. We talked about it for a bit and when I asked her why she thinks this she said she didn't know she just feels fat. (I have struggled with my weight my whole life but it is an internal battle that I just don't talk about.) I asked if someone said this to her and she said there is a little boy at school that calls her names, she said he doesn't call her fat but I just can't help but wonder...
How do I give my seven year old a healthy self image? She is at a point where she has a little "baby fat", and we have had a hard time finding things to fit, especially pants. When we have a hard time finding a pair to fit or that she grows out of we talk about growing and that she is going to grow taller and stretch and her body will take on lots of different shapes. We also talk about making healthy food choices and that it is ok to have a cookie we just can't eat ten at a time. I pray that I'm not the one making her feel this way when we have a hard time clothes shopping, that in my frustration to find clothes to fit I haven't said something that has damaged her self image. If there is anyone out there that can help, I'm looking for advice if you have it.